Examples from Germany

Institution: Pfennigparade Munich  

VSB (Verlags- und Sortimentsbuchbinderei

Number and type of groups  1 „workshop“ 
Opening hours  Monday to Friday 8:00 – 16:00  

All year open 

Number of participants  11 
Age range  19 – 56 years 
Level of needs, diagnoses  CP, craniocerebral injury mild to moderate 
Staff (professions, ratio)  1, Conductor; there is a care team for all groups in the house  

ratio 1 : 11 

Programmes  work, fine motor programme, standing up programme, cognitive sessions 
Funding  Government funded, nothing has to be paid by the client. Pfennigparade VSB GmbH has contracts with the local authorities.  The clients have working contracts and get a salary depending on the level of their productivity.   

This is one of many workshop – groups, the focus of the activity is creative work with paper. It is the only constellation where motoric training is integrated in the daily routine. For this, one hour per day is scheduled , including a programme in group settings and walking in individual sessions. 

During work, frequent changing of position is encouraged and attention is drawn to body posture, handling of tools etc. 

In the working area, you can find typical conductive furniture like ladder chairs etc.  

2018, the group got an award in the field of personnel development / workplace health promotion (staff sport activities). 


Phoenix Schulen und Kitas Munich Housing 

Number and type of groups  1 group for young adults 
Opening hours  4.00 pm  – 8.00 am from Sunday evening to Friday 

Closed on weekends 

Number of participants 
Age range  16 to 20 
Level of needs, diagnoses  CP, acquired brain injury,  genetic disorders 
Staff (professions, ratio)  2 conductors, educator, care givers, social pedagogue 
Programmes  activities of daily living, cooking programme, social learning programme, independence in the environment, wheelchair training 

During the  day time the young adults are at vocational schools/colleges 

Funding  Government funded, nothing has to be paid by client, the Phoenix institution has contracts with the local authorities, up to 1.1.2020 a new law will regulate the funding of living programmes for adults which give more choice to the clients (Bundesteilhabegesetz) 


The Conductive Education Centre Phoenix Schulen und Kitas GmbH, an institute of the holding company Stiftung Pfennigparade, was founded in 1995. More than 120 children in 11 groups are being prepared every day for a life that is as independent as possible (mother-child group, kindergarden groups, school and residential program). Intensive summer rehabilitation camps and individual conductive training is offered alongside the year. The Phoenix accepts children and adolescents from the age of 6 month to 20 years or adults with movement disorder such as cerebral palsy or other physical disability which can be in combination with perception or behavioral disorder. 

In 2008, the concept was extended to also include non-disabled children so that they can now learn and play together in integrative and inclusive settings – there are about 190 children without disabilities in the institution. 

Special conductive training camps for adults with MS, Parkinson, CP and other physical disability are offered twice a year. 

A multi- and interdisciplinary team (conductors, special educators, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, nurses and volunteers) work closely with social workers, psychologists, neuro-pediatricians and orthopedists. Also the very close cooperation with the parents plays an important rule. Phoenix meanwhile has 130 employees. 


At Phoenix Academy job-accompanying further training for professionals in Conductive Education or other pedagogical and therapeutic subjects have been offered since 2000. From 2000 to 2015 about 100 German trained conductors were trained over a 2 year period and are now working in different institutions, mostly in Bavaria. 


In 2016 a BA study course for specialized pedagogues with main focus on Conductive Education started at the Nuremberg College (www.evhn.de) with the help of Phoenix. The students can be accompanied by professional senior conductors for their practical training at Phoenix.