Meet the Team

The core team of the project consists of nine persons, three from each partner institution – KoMit Vienna / Austria, Paces Sheffield / United Kingdom, Phoenix Munich / Germany. Most of them are conductors (Hungarian, UK and Austrian trained) and all of them have experience in working with adolescents and adults in CE settings.

My name is Elisabeth Rümelle from Vienna. I finished my education in Social Paedagogics in 2010.  Afterwards, I worked with people with psychological disabilities in Austria and Spain. I started working at KoMiT GmbH where I learned about the benefits of a conductive lifestyle for people with disabilities and started working as a staff member in March 2016. I appreciate CE especially for focusing on abilities and finding creative solutions to the challenges of living with disability and at the same time provide an active lifestyle. In 2018, I started the certificate course for Conductive Education at the University of Vienna.

Ule Ossberger, Vienna. Originally trained as a music teacher and professional musician, I changed to working with CE in 1994. From 2000 – 2002 I had the opportunity to finish a training in CE at the Vienna University. I am working in a Conductive school group at Therapieinstitut Keil and hold a department for conductive quality management  (KoMiT GmbH Vienna). I see a strong parallelism between CE and teaching/learning musical instruments: both are integrating motoric, cognitive and emotional aspects in a process of very individualised learning, nevertheless with a concern about group settings.

My name is Clemens Schläger, born in Austria and currently working in  Vienna. I started my experience with CE in 2000 at the Institut Keil in Vienna and stayed there for thirteen years. In 2007 I finished my Austrian conductors’ degree (Universitätslehrgang zum Mehrfach-Therapie-Pädagogen) at the University of Vienna. In 2013 I started working for KoMiT GmbH in a day structure named Media and More as a group leader. In the ITA GmbH, my job is to deliver CE sessions once a week. In our facility, I have the task to introduce new staff members to the principles of CE.

Beate Höß-Zenker, Germany, Munich.  One of the Founding Board Members of European Conductive Association (ECA) 2004,  President of ECA since 2013. Board Member Federal Association of CE Petö e. V. Germany Member of the German Conductor Association. Executive Director / CEO of Pfennigparade Phonix Schulen und Kitas GmbH (first conductive center in Germany with conductive school) and Ernst Barlach Schulen GmbH, since 1996 (in 2018 it provides about 800 places for children and youngsters with and without disability). Manager and lecturer of the Phoenix Conductor Training 2000-2015, Munich. Occupational therapist, pedagogue, German-trained conductor, Yoga teacher and Ayres instructor.

I am Laszlo Endre Szogeczki, education specialist & rehabilitator (BA (Hons), BA (Hons), MA & a research degree, MPhil).I am well experienced in child and adult inclusion, education, and rehabilitation internationally (Hungary, USA, UK, Kuwait, and Germany) with particular reference to Conductive Education – dealing with an individual, group and community needs. At present, I am in a team-leading position at Pfennigparade Phoenix Schulen und Kitas GmbH, Inklusive Bildung und Konduktive Förderung, Munich, Germany, and my duties are organizing and managing a multi-national inclusive education team in order to run an inclusive Conductive Education class. Furthermore, I am one of the board members of the European Conductors Association, and I am an active member of the German Conductor’s professional body, too.

My name is Ferenc Stelczer, born in Hungary and currently working and living in Germany. In 1989 I finished my Diploma as a Conductor at the Petö Institute Budapest. After that, I worked as a conductor at ÖVSE (Österreichischer Verein für Spastikereingliederung/ Austrian association for the integration of persons with CP) in Vienna. I have been active as a conductor in Germany/ Stiftung Pfennigparade, mainly with adolescents and adults as a group leader in school and boarding home since 1996. In 2012 the “Conductive Workshop” at Pfennigparade was founded where I have since worked as the group leader for more than 10 years. Prior to this, I worked in a variety of settings with adults.

My name is Emma Parker, born in England and currently working in Sheffield. In 2002 I started training at the National Institute for Conductive Education in Birmingham. I qualified as a Conductor in 2005. Soon after, in June 2005, I started working at Paces Sheffield running the young adults group, Leaping the Void. This involves delivering conductive programmes and developing independent living skills. I have now worked with the group for 13 years. As a conductor, I truly believe that supporting young people to grow and live as ‘orthofunctional’ adults, whatever that means for them is vital.  As with all adults, people change over time and CE has an important role to play in this process.

My name is Ruth Liu, born in England and currently working in Sheffield.   After leaving College in 1998 I went to study at Keele University in Staffordshire achieving a first class honors degrees in Conductive Education and Psychology with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). In 2002 I began my first job at Horton Lodge Special Community School in Staffordshire, a Conductive Education school for children from the age of 2-11 years.After taking a career break to spend time with my young family I returned to work at Paces in Sheffield in January 2016. I joined the adult services department running Conductive Education sessions for both people who have had a Stroke and people with Parkinson’s Disease.  In September 2017 I began my current role as Assistant Head teacher at Paces School, a Conductive Education school for children from the age of 2-18 years of age. I have the responsibility for planning and teaching in a Primary school group as well as working with the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team to develop and manage our school.

My name is Gabor Fellner born in Hungary currently working in Sheffield as the Headteacher of Paces School since 2002. I’m a graduate of the world-renowned Pető Institute (1976). I’m a qualified Conductor and my qualifications and accreditations are as follows: Teacher of Biology 1979 – Hungary Special Needs Qualification 1985 – Hungary Postgraduate Degree in Education 2002 – New Zealand Qualified Teacher Status 2004 – UK Anatomy and Physiology Diploma 2009 – UK. I practised as a conductor in many different settings, serving as Principal at both Residential Schools for children with motor disorders and organizations for young people with learning difficulties. I’m responsible for the day to day management of Paces school, including overseeing training of newly employed conductors. I’m also responsible for the continued professional development of all school staff and cooperation with external organizations, including such centres of excellence as the Birmingham National Institute of Conductive Education (NICE).