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Practices at Paces Sheffield 

Our group for young people with cerebral palsy, “Leaping the Void” has been specially designed to support their progression from childhood to adulthood, equipping them with skills for the daily living whilst promoting confidence and self-esteem. 

Our flexible approach allows each person to follow their chosen pathway through life by developing skills to aid movement, communication, self-care and social interaction.
Our programme offers benefits to people from the age of 18, they can join us straight from school or at a later date dependant on personal choice. 

The Paces specially trained Conductors help people to identify the most relevant programme for them based on their personal goals and aspirations, focussing on potential benefits and desired outcomes. 

We aim to personalise our programmes as much as possible, enabling young people to recognise their capabilities, set themselves achievable milestones, and celebrate their personal successes.
We focus on good health, independence and inclusion in community life; young people are supported to maintain existing skills and to build new skills for the future. We recognise that everyone has the potential to develop and learn new skills, and our Conductors are here to guide people along their chosen pathway of learning. 

Programmes usually involve small groups of young people learning together, but working towards their own goals. Each group is supported by a Conductor to ensure that everyone is active and enable to participate in the programme. The group provides a positive environment for learning, shared experiences play an important role; group members provide motivation and peer support to one another. Family members can also learn new skills that will enable young people to transfer what they are learning into daily life.


Number of groups   Currently 1
Types of group   Full time 5 days. Participants can attend 1 or more days, preferably a minimum of two days. 
Funding   individuals are usually funded either through self-funding, social care budgets or personal health budgets from the NHS.  
Number of participants   Maximum 6 on one day  
Age range   18 +. Currently, the oldest is 37 
Diagnosis   Cerebral Palsy / Dystonia /quadriplegic /mixed tone / epilepsy/ learning disabilities, 
  Level of need  Complex, majority 1-1 or 2-1 support for some tasks. High level of need  
Programmes  Life skills sessions such as cooking/ baking, home management i.e. understanding hygiene and the need for cleaning, money management, online shopping ETC micro enterprise (craft) project
The aim of Leaping the Void   The aim of Leaping the Void  To provide an active and positive learning environment after leaving school and beyond.  Applying principles of Conductive Education to help individuals to retain their current level of physical ability and help to prevent deterioration as much as possible. We apply learning/ experience to practical situations and to ageage-appropriatetivity aimed at helping develop individual’s independence. For each individual, the meaning and extent of independence can be very different. For example so, me individuals may live in supported accommodation where they are ‘independent from parents’ but require support from carers and others live at home with parents.